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Power Generation - Fly Packs


Exploration Drilling


Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea


MTIS Group was contracted to complete redesign and commission works of a 13 unit power generation package for a remote site application.


  • Generator electrical controller installation and replacement

  • Electrical cabinet installation

  • DCU and ECU hook up and testing

  • Installation and fit up of alternators to engine


  • Turbo replacement

  • Mechanical fitting for pipework

  • Exhaust piping and drum refurbishment

  • Air-motor refurbishment

  • Manufacturing and replacement of all hoses and fittings


  • Fabrication of new fuel filter housings

  • Fabricate new battery boxes

  • Fabricate new crank case filter housing

  • Structural weld repairs

  • Painting

Image by Andrew Neel

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