Bulk Fluids Management & Automation

An all-of-life-cycle approach

Our bulk fluids management approach seeks to minimise risk to your people and site productivity, and avoid wastage of the expensive liquids you buy:

  • Do you have tank gauging in place to ensure reorders occur in a timely manner?
  • Do you have inwards metering that guarantees you receive all of the diesel and other fluids you are paying for?
  • Are your filtration, tank breathers, stock rotation, bulk water detection, and transfer processes sufficient to manage fluid cleanliness to a level that avoids break-downs?
  • Is your hydrocarbon facility infrastructure being maintained in a way that preempts any outages at refuelling locations or maintenance facilities?

MTIS can build, and help you maintain your bulk liquids management infrastructure and technologies. Additional information is available on our Project Management and Fuel Management System webpages if you would like to know more about how we achieve this.

Integrated Fuel-Farm-In-A-Box Solutions

img 0521

Automated Stock Rotation & SCADA/PLC

img 9856

Transportable Tanks: Small to Tanktainers

2000 litres bulk fluid management pulled by a car

Containerised & Skid-Mounted Filtration Units

img 0768[3]

The MTIS team is ready to support all of your bulk fluids management needs:

  • Hydrocarbon Facilities
  • Modular Ready-to-Deploy Solutions
  • Mobile Tanks / Tanktainers
  • Storage / Gauging / Cleanliness
  • Automated Stock Rotation
  • Advanced PLC Process Control