We source, stock, distribute, and maintain industrial products for PNG worksites

MTIS supplies industry-leading brands of hydraulic, industrial, and petrochemical management products.

They are stored in-country, ready when you need them, and fulfilled via our excellent local logistics capabilities. We ensure the availability of all your hose, fittings, instrumentation, pumping, filtration, and consumables.

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Premium quality Industrial and Hydraulic hose. Rubber, layflat, high pressure/temp, composite etc.

products hose fittings

Hose Fittings

Quick couplers, camlocks, hose tails, breakaway valves, ferrules, clamps, hammer unions, and more.

products pipe fittings

Pipe & Pipe Fittings

Industrial pipe and fittings, including expansion joints, flanges, gaskets and all coupling types.

products diesel refuelling

Fuel Equipment

Fuel nozzles, receivers, tanks, pumps, flow meters, swivels, and management solutions.

products grease

Grease Equipment

Grease guns and packages, including Autolube, as well as pumps and accessories.

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Oil Equipment

Oil nozzles, flow meters, pumps, integrated/packaged offerings and consumables.

products hose reel

Hose Reels

Hose reels for air, water, fuel, oil, and grease, including high-pressure applications.

products valves


Hydraulic and Industrial valves and actuators. Flow control, check, two/multi-way, gate, foot, ball…


Pressure gauges, sensors, flow indicators, torque tools and complete local calibration.


Filter elements, strainers, process equipment, tank accessories, and manifolds for air and all fluids.

MTIS fire suppression tank

Fire Suppression

Fire detection, suppression equipment, and foams for offroad vehicles & critical fixed location installs.

products fasteners


Bolts, studs, nuts, cable ties, and specialised fastening solutions for industrial construction and repair.

products tools

Tools & Accessories

Spill containment, test equipment, breathers, jacks, hydraulic power units, thread kits, and parts-on-request.

MTIS products equipment rental

Equipment Rental

Avoid up-front costs and gain access to proactively maintained and calibrated specialist equipment.

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