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Mantis 40T Crawler Crane


Oil & Gas


Port Morseby, Papua New Guinea


MTIS Group was contracted to conduct the 10-year audit on a Mantis 40T crawler crane, successive to this MTIS was awarded a scope of works to recondition the crane back to rental condition.


  • Telescopic boom rebuild

    • Blast & Paint

    • NDT & welding corrective action

    • Pendent cable replacement

    • Cylinder rebuild

    • Wear pad replacement

    • Test & commission

  • Upper Rotating Body Rebuild

    • Blast & Paint

    • NDT & welding corrective action

    • Line boring

    • Hydraulic system limit testing and commissioning

    • Hose replacement & hydrostatic testing

    • Engine service & load test

    • Winch rebuilt & serviced including brake pack

  • Car Body & Track Frame

    • Blast & Paint

    • NDT & welding corrective action

    • Sprockets replaced

    • Rollers replaced

    • Slew Bearing replaced (bolt tension torqued & commissioned)


Mantis static load test at SWL max and luffing brake checked, return to service QA check sheet signed off.

Image by Andrew Neel

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